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Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, our aim is for our students to become more visually aware of the world around them. We guide and support all students to think like artists and develop this awareness to identify, inform and explore ideas as they embark upon their personal and creative intentions. During their time here, students have the opportunity to embark on a journey of exploration and experimentation with media, techniques and processes as they develop and express their ideas through the creation of meaningful and eye-catching artwork.

Years 7-9

Year 7

Visual Arts students explore their view of Beauty in Nature through landscapes, wildlife, flowers and portraits. They develop their approach to expressive tonal and colourful mark making and explore the possibilities of traditional and digital collage to compose exciting works of art.

Key Concept- Aesthetics

Global Context- Personal & Cultural Expression

Related Concepts-Representation & Interpretation

Year 8

Visual Arts students initially explore and develop representational imagery before experimenting with more innovative approaches to media. They explore traditional themes of ‘Portraiture’ and ‘Still-life’ in exciting new ways through their use of tone, colour and pattern and begin to explore more adventurous approaches to composition.

Key Concept- Change

Global Context- Identities and Relationships

Related Concepts- Representation & Innovation

Year 9

Visual Arts students identify the variety of styles found within global figurative sculpture and combine these in new ways as a metaphor for ‘celebrating’ our differences. They explore conventional skills for rendering tone, form, texture and pattern through observation and Two-Point perspective drawing techniques in contrast with more intuitive approaches to explore and express their creativity more freely.

Key Concept- Identity

Global Context- Identities & Relationships

Related Concepts- Visual Culture & Boundaries

Years 10 & 11

GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art) 8202 AQA

Students explore a chosen theme and are guided and supported to form a personal viewpoint. They develop a greater understanding of media, techniques and processes starting with teacher led workshops focussing on creative and technical skills development. As they progress through the course, we hope for them to build in confidence and grow in their aims and ambitions to arrive at thought-provoking and meaningful outcomes.

Throughout Year 10, students create a sustained project covering the 4 Assessment Objectives. At the beginning of Year 11 they undertake a shorter project leading to the creation of an artwork in their mock examination. From January of Year 11, students are planning towards their final examination project in term 5.

Unit 1- Portfolio. The sustained project plus short project building to the mock.

Covers the 4 Assessment Objectives - worth 60% of the final grade.

Unit 2- Externally set examination project.

Covers the 4 Assessment Objectives - worth 40% of the final grade.



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