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Meet Our Community

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Year 12

I truly enjoy how free I feel to express myself in the classroom and within the school as the staff are very open to student initiatives and ideas and encourage students to question the systems around them and their impact. Students are also very involved in club activities and participating in the opportunities the school offers, so it has been great to see other students' passions thrive in the TGS environment. 

What was it like joining TGS from another school? 

A major factor in alleviating my worries before joining the Sixth Form were the Taster Days TGS hosted during the summer which helped me to meet other new students. Additionally, whenever I have questions both staff and students are always ready to help or guide me, so it has been very welcoming! 

Why did you choose TGS for Sixth Form?  

I mainly chose TGS for the opportunity to do the International Baccalaureate. I felt it was going to challenge me far more than A-Levels in addition to providing a more comprehensive scope of study - meaning I didn't have to give up subjects I enjoyed just because I wouldn't be applying to university with them. I also decided to join TGS because of the lovely staff, inviting students, and modern facilities, especially in the sciences. 

What do you think is special about the Sixth Form at TGS?  

The level of support offered to Sixth Form students at TGS is brilliant. All the staff are really honest and open, providing great advice and resources if any student needs help. Not only does TGS give great mental health/emotional support, but I have felt they have gone above and beyond to support me academically to feel confident and prepared in my studies. I feel far more academically invigorated since I joined TGS. 

What co-curricular clubs and activities do you enjoy, and why?  

TGS has given me the independence to run my own Model United Nations club with another Year 12 student. It has been very rewarding to organise events, train other students to go to conferences and have the flexibility to make our own decisions as a team. I have also been involved in many environmental initiatives across the school and making the school a greener place. However, my favourite activity thus far has been the MedSoc as I truly feel like I am preparing myself for my future by making informed decisions thanks to the club's various speakers and presentations (which students can get involved in!). 

What has been your favourite moment to date?  

Being named a Subject Ambassador was a great way to feel a part of the community and realise that, despite me being new, TGS offered opportunities for all their students to succeed. I look forward to working further with staff and my fellow students to engage more students across the school with STEM/Biology as well as lead projects relating to my favourite subjects.  

What do you hope to do after TGS?   

I aim to go to university to study Medicine in the UK and become involved in more volunteering and community initiatives in my local area. TGS has equipped me with the confidence, passion, and insight to believe I will succeed in my ambitions and recognise the importance of positively contributing to the community, local and beyond.