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Year 13

The Model United Nations club I am co-running must be one of my top joys. My enjoyment stems from the engaging debates on global matters from a variety of countries' standpoints as our club comes together after research to have mini-conferences. A big triumph was getting into an upcoming conference, where we can apply the MUN skills fostered and join in the MUN fun with other schools!

What was it like joining TGS from another school?   

Joining TGS from another school was a very new experience, having stayed at my old school for 5 years. It was refreshing to meet so many new people and begin my Sixth Form IB experience!  

Why did you choose TGS for Sixth Form?   

I think the IB was the driving force for my decision to join TGS- it is such a diverse course that allows me to experience a number of subjects at a higher level that I was not ready to let go from GCSE.  

What do you think is special about the Sixth Form at TGS?   

Being an IB school, the IBarn is home to an array of fascinating students all staying in touch with our base subjects- this to me is special because we get to draw from all the disciplines and able to see a wider world-view.  

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS?   

Attending TGS has allowed me to meet nice new people whilst being able to study the subjects I enjoy.  

What has been your favourite moment to date?   

I participated in the Science Fair which was fun, researching the physics behind animated movies and if these feats could be taken to real life is not something you get to do every day! Being a part of the MACE debating squad was another valuable experience where we united arguments to make cohesive speeches against other schools.  

What do you hope to do after TGS?    

Currently I am looking at different university studying options- after some reflecting, I am between Sustainable Engineering, or a Physics/Geography related degree. I also hope to stay in touch with my debating side, but I'm sure staying at TGS in the meantime will hopefully lead to some deeper answers on my next steps!