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Meet Our Community

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Year 12

There are lots of things I enjoy about being at TGS. However, I think one thing I really enjoy the most is the facilities offered here at TGS. From modern classrooms to having gym facilities which we can use essentially anytime is something that I particularly enjoy. On top of that, as Sixth Formers, we have access to an entire building just for Sixth Form Students which has study rooms, a computer room and a chill zone (we even have a Costa in there as well!), which is awesome.  

What was it like joining TGS from another school?  

I was apprehensive prior to joining Tonbridge Grammar School. But it didn’t take me long to settle since everyone at TGS has been very welcoming and helpful. All the staff members have been very supportive and all the students have been very friendly.  

 Why did you choose TGS for Sixth Form?  

The main reason why I chose TGS Sixth Form was for the IB Diploma Programme. Having previously studied at an IB school during MYP, I have found that the IB provides a very diverse and unique experience which opens up a wide range of opportunities after the Sixth Form.  

What do you think is special about the Sixth Form at TGS?  

The TGS Sixth Form provides lots of opportunities and a positive environment for engaging with the rest of the school and the local community. I believe this is a very unique and precious experience that the TGS Sixth Form can provide as we can learn from each other and utilise individual talents.  

 What co-curricular clubs and activities do you enjoy and why?  

For me, I find Sport Friday the most fun and enjoyable of all co-curricular clubs and activities. Every Friday, Sixth Formers have the chance to spend their lunch and learning mentor time playing a wide variety of sports (such as badminton, volleyball, and dodgeball just to name a few). Being someone who really enjoys playing sports, Sport Friday has allowed me to engage in friendly matches with my peers and learn how to play different new sports.  

What do you hope to do after TGS?  

After TGS, I hope to go to university and study Veterinary Medicine or Chemistry.