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Meet Our Community

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Year 13

I think that the TGS Sixth Form is special because it is based on a strong sense of community between the Y12 and 13 students. This results in a feeling of confidence that one can count on the support of the entire community, peer students and staff alike. 

What was it like joining TGS from another school? 

We went through many team building exercises at the start the year and during the first classes, allowing me to make many new friends. I immediately felt part of an amazing community with great potential. 

Why did you choose TGS for Sixth Form?  

I always had in mind to follow the IB curriculum in sixth form as I wanted to keep more subject options possible than with A Levels. I feel that the IB is more suited to me and will prepare me better for universities with a more complete set of subjects. My heart was quickly set on TGS which offers great facilities with incredible results. This was totally confirmed during my visit, everyone already being so supportive and welcoming. 

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS?  

Sports Friday is what I enjoy most at TGS. Everyone gets together at lunchtime to take part in various sporting activities, making the most of the numerous facilities. It is a special moment that allows us to relax with friends in an enjoyable atmosphere. Exercise and laughter are the two features of these days. 

What co-curricular clubs and activities do you enjoy, and why?  

I enjoy going to Medsoc where we get a lot of information on medical studies and help to adequately prepare our applications for studying Medicine at university. I also really love the Global Affairs Club which allows sixth formers to debate recent world events. I help running this club which allows me to choose the weekly subjects, which makes it even more interesting. 

What has been your favourite moment to date?  

So far my favourite moment has been the football game played between the Year 12s and the Year 13s. There was an amazing atmosphere of support and sound competition. This turned out to be a really enjoyable and fun moment. The stakes were high! 

What do you hope to do after TGS?   

After TGS I hope to go to a university either within the UK or abroad in France to study Medicine. I am thinking that I would like to specialise further in a specific discipline if I can, although I am not set on that discipline at this point. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me.