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Year 10

Product Design is my favourite subject because we always do such creative projects that are usually based around a problem that we need to solve which I like doing because it gives me the chance to try solving real-world problems. For example, in Year 7 we made puppets to help children with their fears and a lot of our projects avoid harming the environment by trying to save resources. I also enjoy Chemistry because it involves lots of experiments that always have interesting results.  

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS?  

Most of all, I have enjoyed meeting so many amazing people and making so many great friends and memories! I enjoy all the unique opportunities I get to experience here that I did not have in primary school, such as the Music Showcase, where we performed as a class which was really exciting and Gym Interhouse, where we created a gym routine which was displayed in front of the year, some were even shown to parents too.  

I also really love the community, the pupils and teachers, its always lots of fun at events that include the whole community like Sports Day and Foundation Day, they are always fun, and each house has so much spirit!  

What co-curricular clubs and activities do you enjoy, and why?  

I enjoy attending History Club with my friends and its always plenty of fun! We learn about something to do with History then do a fun activity based on it, like debates. I enjoy it because I get to expand my knowledge of History because they cover so many interesting things. 

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining TGS? 

I think TGS is a wonderful school which I do not regret choosing. This school holds so many memories for me and I hope to make more in the future! The school community is super friendly and made it very easy for me to settle in. My advice would be to keep organised and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities here and most importantly have fun and don't be afraid to try new things!  

What has been your favourite moment to date? 

Probably Bewl Water, it was my first school trip at this school after the disruption of Covid. It was wonderful because I got to try many different activities with my friends which were all very fun. My favourite part was the canoeing, one of my friend's boats even capsized! I think some of the best memories with your friends can be made at school trips. I am looking forward to more trips in the future. 

What do you plan on doing after TGS?  

While I am not entirely sure of my exact career path, at the moment I have my eyes set on becoming a doctor. Mostly because I love to help people and I would like to work in an area that involves science because it is something I am very passionate about.