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You study Physics to extend your understanding of the world in which you live. It deals with matter and energy and how they interact, looking at objects ranging from the very small to the entire universe.

Physics is an enquiry-based discipline and you develop practical and investigational skills as well as knowledge and understanding.

This gives time for more detailed study of scientific knowledge and for development of the skills of scientific enquiry essential to this subject.

Course content

Years 7-9

Students explore concepts around forces, light, space, electricity, electromagnetism and energy and lay the foundation for the practical skills that they will require for GCSE and the IB Diploma.

Years 10 & 11

You study a range of topics that include:

  • Forces & motion
  • Energy
  • Light, sound & waves
  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism & electromagnetism
  • Nuclear physics & radioactivity
  • Space

Co-curricular opportunities

There are many opportunities to attend lectures held at Tonbridge School and Sevenoaks School. Also, to take part in different Science competitions such as the Physics Olympiad and the Physics Challenge.


We have loved doing Physics this year because it has allowed us to problem solve and apply physical concepts to everyday situations. Recently we have completed our coursework which was designing and completing an experiment. We have not only learnt experimental skills but also how to effectively analyse and present data. This was challenging but incredibly rewarding experience

Daniella and Renee Y12