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Meet Our Community

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Alumna (interviewed when in Year 13)

We are encouraged to engage with the Sixth Form team, offering ideas about how to improve and develop the school community. This means that our experience is largely shaped by us. I think that this is unique to TGS and that the students here have a strong voice and are connected with staff.

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS? 

I have really enjoyed the student societies at TGS. These have introduced me to debating and Law and Politics. It Is inspiring to discuss current events and future world problems with a keen cohort and to hear others express a range of observations and ambitions. 

What do you plan to do after TGS?  

I am sure that I want to carry on into higher education and go to university. I have not yet decided a specific degree but am passionate about Biology and Geography. The IB has allowed me to fully explore the intersection of these two subjects and as a result I am equally excited by both. Overall, pursuing a direction which will allow me to study and record our living environment is my ambition. 

What has been your favourite moment so far? 

My favourite moment so far has actually been outside of the classroom. Every Friday lunchtime the whole year rushes en masse to play their sport of choice. I spend these lunches playing football on the Astro with an enthusiastic team of players. Having played football independently of school for years, it has been a joy to see it incorporated into our Sixth Form culture. There is always someone eager to have a kickabout at lunchtime and the atmosphere is pleasantly charged with friendly competition.