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Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (HL)

Mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.  Bertrand Russell  

Studying the Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches course provides students with the opportunity to explore a familiar subject in greater depth and with greater rigour. It allows students to develop an appreciation of the elegance and power of Mathematics by fostering their skills of abstraction and generalisation, and by enhancing their skills to apply Mathematics to unfamiliar real life situations.  

 All of the Mathematics teachers at TGS have excellent subject knowledge and a lot of experience of teaching the IB. We all love Maths and want share our passion for the subject with you!  


Course content

Both courses aim to introduce and develop important mathematical concepts and techniques in a comprehensible and coherent way, with greater rigour required at Higher Level.  

Number and algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability and calculus.  



Higher Level  

Internal assessment  

Exploration (20%)  

External assessment  

Paper 1: Non-calculator (30%) 

Paper 2: Graphical display calculator required (30%) 

Paper 3: Problem-solving (Graphical display calculator required) (20%) 


Running Primary Maths Challenge, UKMT Team Maths Challenge, Team Maths Day in the Netherlands, STEM projects.  

Further study

In recent years, Higher Mathematics students have gone on to study, amongst many other courses,  Engineering at Cambridge, Physics at Imperial and Warwick, Economics at Durham, Bristol and Cambridge, Computer Science at Durham, Material Sciences at Oxford and Mathematics at Warwick and Edinburgh.  

 Higher Level Maths is a challenging subject to take, but really rewarding. You don't just learn how to answer questions like in GCSEs, you learn the theory behind the maths and why the methods work. It is a useful subject if you are planning to take a science at higher level, or if you want to do a maths based subject at university. I would definitely recommend higher level maths for anyone who likes maths and is up for a challenge. Amelia