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Joshua Orphan & Community Care Project

Making a difference in Malawi

An annual visit that sees Sixth Formers spend time during their summer break making a difference in Malawi.

Malawi 2019

17 students and 2 staff made the journey to Malawi for the yearly TGS humanitarian visit in support of Joshua Orphan and Community Care.  The Team worked incredibly hard raising funds for the project, raising over £14,000 during the year to provide all the materials and resources for the project.  These enabled the team to build an additional classroom and a playground at the Community Based Care Centre (CBCC) in Ching'ombe, working alongside the fundies (builders), using bricks made by the local community in preparation for our arrival.

The visit was an amazing cultural experience involving community walks, football matches, home visits, church, a market, and lots of singing and dancing - all alongside the project work.  The community, especially the children, were out in full force working with the volunteers every day.  There are over 300 children registered at the CBCC so the additional facilities will make a huge difference as somewhere that the children can come each day to receive a free meal of likuni phala (fortified maize porridge) and an interactive early years education to help give them the best head start in life.