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Geography (HL and SL)

What is knowledge worth if we know nothing about the world that sustains us nothing about natural systems and climate, nothing about other countries and cultures? Jonathon Porritt  

Geography is recognised by many universities as a subject that creates a bridge between the arts and the sciences. It provides significant knowledge, understanding and skills that apply to a wide and varying range of courses and career paths and enable learners to develop a strong understanding of the world.   

Geography is a popular choice and our students attain some of the best results nationally and internationally. Students experience engaging teaching of real-world and relevant content.   

Course content

The course aims to develop an understanding of the dynamic interrelationships between people, places, spaces and environment at different scales whilst developing a critical awareness of geographical issues of the past, present and future. The course strives to ensure students gain knowledge of varying viewpoints and how geographical issues could be resolved whilst enabling students to recognise and evaluate the need for sustainable development and resource management in our ever-changing world.  

Standard Level  

Higher Level  

Geographic Themes (2 SL, 3HL)  

Oceans and Coastal Margins, Geophysical Hazards, Freshwater - drainage basins  


Population and its present and potential problems; Climate change - the cause, consequence and challenges of the issue; Global resource consumption and management  


Core Extension: Power, Places and Networks;  

Human Development and Diversity; Global Risks and Resilience  


  Standard Level Higher Level
Internal assessment Fieldwork (25%)   Fieldwork (20%)  
External assessment

Geographic Themes (35%)  

Core (40%)  


Geographic Themes (35%)  

Core (25%)  

HL Core Extension (20%)  


Field visits to Haysden Country Park and Pett Levels.

Further study

In addition to studying Geography, many students have gone on to study a wide range of relevant and geographically applicable courses including Geology, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Tourism.   

 I enjoy the course because it allows me to comprehend global issues and possible solutions to these problems, which is useful for anyone who wants to study Geography, International Development, International Relations, Environmental Studies, or for anyone who wants to become more globally aware. Anne-Marie