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Students explore key concepts, such as time, place and space; identity and relationships; culture and communities through studying the development of theatre and a variety of different practioners.  Students are able create individual and group pieces by experimenting with a wide variety of different theatre genres and techniques. 

Course content

Years 7 - 9 

Year 7
Through studying Greek Theatre, Commedia D’elle Arte and Shakespeare students can make connections between the different genres and styles, learning skills and techniques through scripted and improvised performance. 

Year 8
The focus of identity is explored through gothic and horror genres, using scripts, film, melodrama and make-up to create exciting and interesting pieces. 

Year 9 
Specific elements of theatre are explored through radio plays, Brecht, Shakespeare and a modern script, allowing students to use and adapt their knowledge and understanding in imaginative and engaging ways.


Years 10 & 11

GCSE Drama is broken down into three components: an improvised performance, a scripted performance and a written examination based on a specific text and on a professional performance.  Students are to produce individual work and group performances.   

Co-curricular opportunities
  • Drama and dance clubs. 
  • LAMDA classes. 
  • Whole school performances. 
  • Theatre visits. 

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