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Chemistry is often considered to be the central Science being used to explain the complex reactions that occur in biological systems as well as explaining why materials behave in a certain way. The course covers the traditional aspects of Chemistry as well as exploring the concepts of Green Chemistry and sustainable development. Chemistry allows students to understand why and how things happen in the world around them and gives some understanding of how it can be used to help shape a better future world. 

Course content

Years 7-8

Students explore concepts around forces and energy and lay the foundation for the practical skills that they will require for GCSE and the IB Diploma.

Years 9-11

Students will start their GCSE course in Year 9 where the basic concepts of how matter is made up are covered. We also look at how the earth’s resources are used and how they can be conserved. In year 10 we cover chemical reactions, calculations, electrolysis and the energy changes involved in chemical changes as well as starting to discuss the importance of organic chemistry. Year 11 covers some of the industrial aspects of chemistry such as polymers, equilibrium and analysis. 

Co-curricular opportunities

There are many opportunities to attend lectures and to take part in many different Science competitions such as the Cambridge Year 12 Challenge, the Chemistry Olympiad and Big Bang.



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