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Congratulations to Carys and Octavia who raised £60 for the Mitchener House Charity

Well done to the Year 8 students who harnessed their creative flair to raise money for the Mitchener House charity, The Survivors Trust 

They industriously created a wide variety of delightful crocheted characters ranging from turtles to jelly fish and whales to stingrays which they sold at a local Art and Craft Exhibition. They donated a percentage of their takings to The Survivors Trust.  The exhibition organisers were so impressed with their creations and fundraising initiative that they donated some of the refreshment donations to the students' total. 

We really enjoyed the feeling of community, exhibiting alongside the other artists and craftspeople, and talking to visitors from the village and local area. It was very interesting to see the kind of things that customers liked, and it was great to get an experience of working alongside professional artists. We weren't sure how to price our items as we were a bit nervous that no one would buy anything! It turned out that we sold about 80% of what we'd made on the first day, which was an amazing feeling. We were really pleased that we sold so much as this meant we were able to give a substantial amount of money to our House charity. It was lovely to feel as though we were supporting other people rather than just doing it for ourselves. 

carys and octavia, Year 8

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