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Alumni working in the legal profession return to TGS to take part in a competitive Moot

On Friday 1 July TGS hosted our first competitive Moot.  Students received the facts of a fictitious case two days before the Moot and were allocated defence or prosecution.

Lucia and Charlotte were seeking to defend the client in the fictious Appeals Court and Isabel and Isabella were prosecution; asking for the judge not just to uphold the junior court’s decision, but in controversial and unexpected fashion, tried to enforce a harsher penalty for the defendant than was recommended by a junior court. The Moot was fantastically competitive and good fun, with students in the audience enjoying the legal arguments and good humour used.

We were lucky enough to have esteemed judges who listened and asked questions about the case – followed by a judgement and detailed feedback. The five judges were TGS alumni representing the wide variety of jobs available in the legal profession, including  Barristers, Solicitors and a Court of Appeals Judge who stayed after the Moot to answer questions about their legal careers. 

Students received positive feedback, with alumni commenting on the persuasive and compelling nature of the legal arguments used by both teams. One guest said she enjoyed the good-natured Moot, the complexity of the points made and professionalism of the legal techniques used. 

We will be starting a Mooting Society alongside our incredibly successful Debate Club next year.

Mr Harvey, Teacher of Geography and Curriculum Leader, Year 12

I really enjoyed the Moot experience as I found it was a good opportunity for aspiring law students to not only dip our toes into what handling a case is like, but also gave us an opportunity to learn from people who were in our places a few years ago. It was very insightful as we received helpful criticism from people within the sector to take into the future, and I personally found that hearing from people that both took law courses and did law conversions helped me become a little more sure about what I personally want to pursue in the future. Overall, an amazing educational experience that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience. Thanks to the teachers and the visiting guests.

Saraf, Year 12