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Toiletries and sanitary products delivered around the globe to mark International Womens’ Day

Well done to Martha in Year 9 who organised a collection of toiletries and sanitary products and arranged delivery of the items to a local 'Beauty Bank’ and school, a refugee camp in Romania set up to help families fleeing Ukraine and a community in Malawi. 

Martha explains more about the project:  

“As a passionate supporter of women’s rights, I wanted to organise an event to benefit those women in need in our local area. With International Women’s Day coming up, it was a perfect time to arrange this. After researching various issues affecting local women, I decided to choose period poverty as my point of focus. Then, after hearing the current situation in Ukraine, it made me want to do what I could do support the people in need there too. Therefore, half of the donations were delivered to a refugee camp in Romania, where they were greatly beneficial to the Ukrainian refugees fleeing across the border. This was on top of the donations gratefully received by the ‘Beauty Bank’ in Sevenoaks, the items are distributed to those women (and their families) in need of support. Due to the success of this collection, I hope that further collections are organised in the future, so that our school continues to help those people in need”. 

We are very proud of our students and their aspirations to make a real difference to the world around them. Martha saw an opportunity to help local women in need and then was so successful she was able to extend this to women in Ukraine and other local primary school children. She is an inspiration to us all. 

Mrs Ghali, assistant head teacher