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Students collaborate with STEM Club in the Bahamas to co-create sustainable gifts to present to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady Ann Marie Davis of the Bahamas

Aditi and Soha (Year 12) who were part of a team that was placed third in the 2021 BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition, collaborated with students from the FEM STEM Club in the Bahamas to create sustainable picnic blankets as gifts to raise awareness of climate change. 

The students were recently contacted by the BIEA judges who had remembered a project that the team had shared alongside their competition entry.  The project involved reusing plastic crisp packets by recycling them into picnic blankets. 

The judges put them in touch with the students in the Bahamas and the TGS students talked the Bahamian team through how to make the blankets via Zoom.  

Our main goal was to find ways to help the environment. We wanted to focus on specifically upcycling plastic. The packets that we found can be easily fused and used to line picnic blankets, making them more durable. Participating in the BIEA project and having the honour of working alongside our teammates from FEM STEM Bahamas, has really motivated us to continue spreading awareness about the plastic crisis. We want to continue educating ourselves and others about ways in which we can live a more sustainable, environmentally oriented lifestyle.

soha and aditi

What a fantastic initiative to be part of – well done! Alongside this project Aditi and Soha are really engaged in finding ways to upcycle plastics and have come up with several innovative ideas that we are hoping to develop further at STEM Club. 

Mrs Bisby, Teacher of Chemistry and STEM Coordinator