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TGS Debating Team through to ESU Mace Competition regional finals

On Wednesday 31 January, Oreva, Tiana, Amelie, Erin and Vaidehi (Y11) participated in the 2nd round of the ESU Mace Debating competition. Each debate consists of a proposition and opposition, each with two speakers (with 7 minute speeches) and a summary speaker (who also responds to floor questions in their 5 minute speech).

We had been preparing for several weeks by drafting and writing up our ideas into speeches, practising the delivery of the speeches, and also discussing and countering any arguments that the proposition might make. Amelie, Tiana, and Oreva opposed the motion "This house would maximise students value to the modern workplace, rather than a broad and balanced education", with Erin and Vaidehi helping to prepare, and asking questions for the other debates.

At the end of the debates the judges reminded everyone that only 3 teams would go through to the Regional Finals. It was an amazing feeling when, after 15 minutes of deliberation, it was decided that TGS would go through! The judges applauded the group’s thorough research and passionate delivery.

We now progress to the regional finals in March, where we will oppose the motion "This house believes that it is legitimate for social movements to use anger to mobilise support for their cause"! 

"I enjoyed and learnt a lot from the experience and am looking forward to the regional finals!"


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