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CAS Story: Walking Alpacas

As part of her CAS programme, Emily in Year 12 has been helping to walk and take care of alpacas in order to raise money for Kenward Trust (a charity that helps with rehabilitation for people that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.)

Emily explains more about the volunteering she has been involved in for nearly a year: 

My goals are to make sure that all of the alpacas are taken care of and to develop my communication skills with the public on the walks and make sure they're comfortable.

My first time going to look after the alpacas, I met the team (the receptionists and the person who's in charge of the walks). I learnt about how to make sure that they are safe on the walk and making sure that the public walking with them are comfortable.

All of the money raised by these walks goes towards the charity, which supports Kenward Trust to look after the residents who go there for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The pictures accompanying this article show Daffodil and Gertrude.