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CAS Story: Amber Y13

Amber has volunteered for the British Heart Foundation for over 11 months.  As her time at the charity draws to a close, she reflects on her experience.

I have enjoyed working with so many new people, who are a diverse range of ages, whom I would not necessarily get the chance to interact with outside of this volunteering.

I have gained so much experience and am now able to carry out many different tasks and skills, building upon my interpersonal relationship skills through tasks such as serving customers on the till of the shop.

The last 11 months have made me realise how beneficial it is to work through tasks with others, as collaborative work allows you to get the job done much faster, and it makes it more enjoyable. I have also enjoyed working closely with my friend and have found that our joint attendance of this CAS activity has helped me persevere and continue this volunteering for such a long period of time.