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Biology Week...water fleas, 3D art and external speakers...

This year TGS celebrated Biology Week a week early due to Year 13's Biology field trip. All year groups were invited to take part in lunchtime sessions that they wouldn't normally get to experience in their usual Biology lessons, showing them how Biology can link to careers and other subjects.

We had squeals of excitement over water fleas, sixth form students quizzing younger students, a Biology teacher dancing like a bee and students using clay to make 3D art pieces around the theme of Biology.

We were also extremely lucky to welcome Dr Wheal and Ms Michelmore in to the school to advise students on entering careers in sustainable engineering and drug development.

I really enjoyed, and was inspired by, the variety of activities that were offered as part of Biology Week. It was fascinating hearing other students and teachers talk about their biological interests, as well as having external speakers give us an opportunity to hear about future careers in biology/STEM.

Ella, Year 13

Biology Week was a fantastic opportunity to learn about different aspects of Biology that we wouldn't necessarily cover in the classroom. Making bioplastic was really fun and seeing the water fleas in the pond sample was fascinating. I wish every week was Biology Week! 

Carissa, Year 7

I thought it was really fun and I learnt a lot. It was also really obvious how much effort all of the presenters put into their presentations. it was a really good experience. 

Alice, Year 9

I thoroughly enjoyed the Biology Week this year, as I gained some really interesting knowledge about different areas of Biology, by both attending other's presentations and giving my own.  

Ozan, Year 12 

During the week I learned about the different applications of Biology including participating in a talk on pharmaceutical testing. It really showed the importance of Biology in people's lives and how much consideration goes into every molecule. 

Isobel, Year 13

It was a real delight seeing Sixth Form students lead well-planned sessions to younger students, as well as seeing a range of year groups coming together to celebrate Biology. I am also extremely grateful to our external speakers who gave up their time to inspire our students. 

Mrs Ransley, Subject Leader Biology