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Year 11 students meet alumni who studied at TGS in the 1950s

Earlier this term Anika, Hiumi, Lotus, Mahanya and I had tea with Myrtle, Marion and Susan, who were at TGS in the 1950's.

It was a truly eye-opening experience as they revealed the past of our beloved school as we escorted them through our halls.

Throughout our little trip, many past stories of the school were shared, some surprising and all very interesting as we discovered how much our school has evolved and developed to what it is today! We were even told of a statue that used to be kept at the front of the school (now in the canteen) that represented independence and womanhood!

We were also told a multitude of stories about the past headmistresses and teachers. We were lucky enough that Mariam kindly brought in an array of old school magazines for us to look at. These gave us a great sense of the community our school possessed back then and still continues to today.

Experiences like this, between us and the alumni, are what maintains the lovely sense of community at TGS!

Melisa year 11

We are always delighted when TGS alumni get in touch to suggest a visit to school. Their visits are always so much fun and students are always inspired by them.

mrs blackstone, director of development and alumni relations