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Culture Day - celebrating cultural diversity at TGS

Congratulations to the Diversity and Inclusion Alliance who organised Tonbridge Grammar School's first ever Culture Day to celebrate the vast cultural diversity we are so fortunate to have within our school community.

The Diversity and Inclusion Alliance explain more:

Our belief is that Culture is something that unites all of us across age, gender, lifestyle. It’s something that unifies us all. We were able to celebrate the vast cultural diversity within this school at the event. We wanted to encourage and appreciate the various cultures present in the TGS school community and celebrate this diversity.

On the day students took part in three activities. The most popular activity was the fashion show which encouraged students to showcase and celebrate their diversity in a fun, interactive way. Not only did we see students participating but staff also partook in the show and shared memories and stories. Special mention to Mr Smith, Mr McDaid and the Maths department. 

Another popular activity that students participated in was the Pioneer Poster activity in which students worked in groups to pick a pioneer from a different field in life and created posters on their achievements. Some of these fantastic posters are on display in the foyer. 

The last activity that students participated in was the art activity in which students learned about three different art forms: Japanese Ink Art, African Tribal Masks and Indian Madhubani art. Students learned about these cultural art forms and created their own art pieces that they either took home or you may find them accompanying the posters in the foyer.

Tonbridge Grammar School Culture Day 2023 was a huge success thanks to all the support from staff - Mrs Thompson, Mrs Maloney, Mrs Harrison and Mr Fitt as well as all the members of the DIA current and past. Also thank you to all the students and staff who participated and supported the day! 


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