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STEM Fair: Meadows Project

Year 7 students from Carey, Fayerman and Taylor learned more about the TGS Meadows Project.  We were joined by alumna Maddy who now works for Natural England, and Rosie who received her IB Diploma here this year, and first proposed the idea of a wildflower meadow on the school site to Mrs Joyce five years ago.

Students took part in a survey using sweep netting to sample the invertebrates around the meadow and associated grasslands and were excited to see the variety of insect life to be found. They discovered that even though the meadow was little over 18 months old the total count of insects there exceeded those in other sample areas. There also appeared to be a higher diversity of invertebrates in the meadow.

After the survey, students carried out a random nature hunt and discovered more about the plants and insects to be found around the site. At the end of the session everyone was able to say that they had seen or learned something new!