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A warm welcome back to alumni who have returned this week to share their post TGS stories with students and Sixth Form offer holders.

Alumni shared details of their study, information about the university application process, university life and their post study aspirations. TGS students and Sixth Form offer holders had the opportunity to talk with: 

  • Morgan, who graduated from Coventry University in 2022 with a First Class Degree in Games Art. 

  • Aylish who is studying Biomedical Engineering with Industrial Experience at Queen Mary University of London.  She spoke about her course and Engineering in general. This really clarified the different Engineering types and how a General Engineering course can lead to specialism in the final year. She also spoke about her placement designing EpiPens and the different roles that engineers have in industry. This led some students to potentially rethink their next steps. 

  • Daisy who is studying Architecture at the University of Cambridge. 

  • Frank who, in September 2023, will commence an Architecture and Landscape degree at the University of Sheffield. 

  • Flora who is in her second year of an Engineering degree at Oxford. She discussed how she has a hands-on practical building session every week, where she has built a musical clock, for example. She then answered questions and helped students while they were brainstorming, designing, building, testing and redesigning their “lunar spacecraft” to drop a projectile on a target. This was a model for the LCROSS space mission that NASA used to produce and analyse a plume of dust and gas that led to them discovering signs of water at the Moon’s South Pole in 2009. 

We thank them for taking the time to come and share their enthusiasm and specialist knowledge with students – the role you play in inspiring TGS students is invaluable.