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Year 7 Camp

Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed their time at Blacklands Farm:

I found the experience of going camping a memorable one as it allowed me that opportunity to make friends with others outside of my form and class and engage in activities with them. 

Imogen, Year 7

If I was to describe camp it would be: fun activities, new friends and mosquito bites. My favourite activities were canoeing and rock scrambling. In rock scrambling, my favourite part was the journey to the black hole. In canoeing, one of my favourite parts was the washing machine. Sadly, every journey has a downside, the price to pay for the fun time was having to put up with mosquito bites.

Alicia, Year 7

I found camp a super fun and exciting experience, where I was able to meet new people, try new things and learn away from the classroom! We learnt things such as how to build a shelter in the wild, the difference between canoeing and kayaking, and the best way to do certain things such as abseiling! It was also really cool to be outdoors and enjoy the whole camping experience with friends! I would definitely recommend camp to any new Year 7 students!

Mia, Year 7


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