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Debaters take part in the National ESU Public Speaking Finals at Cambridge University

On 30 April myself, Oreva and Tiana took part in the National ESU Public Speaking Finals at Cambridge University. 12 of the 400 teams who originally entered debated in the finals.  

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, however we had an amazing time visiting Churchill College and found it to be a great opportunity.

Tiana, who spoke about giving more Power to AI, said that ‘It was a fantastic opportunity, and I feel extremely lucky to have taken part and have enjoyed the challenge immensely. I am very grateful for the skills we have developed along the way, and I hope to continue honing them beyond this competition". 

Amelie, Year 10 

I am extremely proud of the students and their achievements and their fantastic performance. I have really enjoyed working with this team which has also included Shreya and Anoushka in previous rounds, so I wish to congratulate them too. 

Miss Wood, Subject Leader Religious Studies and Philosophy 

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