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CAS: A celebration!

As Year 13 students leave School for their study leave, Mrs Twinam would like to thank them for their hard work and exceptional commitment to our local and wider communities in the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) element of their IB Diploma studies. "To know you are our future leaders makes me really happy! Best wishes for the forthcoming examination season". 

The students reflected on their CAS experiences: 

Overall, I think CAS has been such an important aspect of the IB, because it has given me so many rare opportunities to learn new skills and talk to different people, enriching my life beyond academic study. 

I plan to study at Ecology and Conservation at uni. I loved starting the 'Marvellous Meadows' project and hope that it will continue to have beneficial impacts both in the school community and wider environment in the future. I feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I have helped vulnerable and rare species to thrive in my conservation work in and outside of school and helped to combat the climate and biodiversity crises. 

Each activity has taught me something new about myself and given me a way to explore and further cultivate my hobbies and interests, meeting the goals I had initially set for each one. 

Overall, I’ve found CAS a brilliant opportunity and I think it has really increased my confidence in different areas.

Personally, the past year and a half has been very important in my development and growth and my exposure to all these new experiences has without a doubt contributed to this and been a great way to encourage extracurriculars. In the future I will remember how enjoyable these experiences were and ensure that I know the importance of having a work-life balance to maintain my wellbeing.

The group and individual tasks I have undertaken during CAS have expanded my world view and emboldened me with an interest in engaging collaboratively within activities. Sport Friday has encouraged me to engage more with sports as bonding with the friendly sixth form community has positively impacted my attitude to healthy activities and has highlighted the importance of teamwork and resilience to me. I had to learn how to communicate and form strategy with my peers, and I bonded a lot with them over the course of the activities.

Having completed the CAS programme, I have felt satisfied through volunteering in several different areas. Initially, I felt that volunteering was often a boring activity that required lots of effort with no personal gain. However, I have come to realise through running sports clubs for the younger years that it can be rewarding and fun. My favourite activity was being part of a year 7 and 8 running club in which I was able to encourage the younger students from going from very little running experience to running 5km in a competent time. This was especially rewarding because I initially learnt to run through being taught by my mother when I was a year 8 student and it has been one of my favourite hobbies for a while. I also enjoyed teaching younger children French through a reading club and even learnt a few words myself!