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CAS Story: Izzy, Year 13

Izzy hopes to become a Vet and tailored her CAS experience to support her career aspirations.

She has been volunteering at Seal Community School Farm and has helped with sheep management, small mammals and tortoises, as well as helping re-home the Giant African Land Snails so that they could have a better and more comfortable tank.

‘Today I got to clean out my favourite goats, not the baby goats but the pygmy goats. Although they are still small they are much older! I had to be wary of them trying to chew my clothes, hair and the bags that I was putting the waste in. They were very sweet and definitely appreciated the new hay that was put down for them after the floor had been scrubbed and disinfected.’

Well doe to Izzy who has now completed her CAS to an exceptional standard, best wishes for the forthcoming examination season. 

Mrs Twinam, CAS and Internationalisation Coordinator