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Introducing the Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

Yashvi in Year 13 introduces the Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (DIA): 

The Diversity and Inclusion Alliance is TGS's Agency of Change. We are an organisation with members from all years, and our aim is to celebrate our diverse school, while promoting inclusion within our school curriculum.

We have organised school-wide events to allow students to embrace different countries' histories, such as our Cultural Scavenger Hunt, we have hosted assemblies that have helped students to recognise the achievements of individuals around the world, such as for Black History Month, and we have designed interactive workshops for cultural and religious festivals, such as for Diwali.

We believe that acknowledging and embracing the variety of cultures we see in our students every day, and around the world, can enrich our school community and aid to bridge the gaps between elder and younger years. Many students in the school have built wonderful friendships and empowered each other through the celebration of their diversity, no matter what age they are.

As well as promoting diversity and inclusion, the DIA has created a 'safe space' where younger students can seek advice and guidance from elder students on any worries or issues they may have, further strengthening the relationships between students in our community, and creating an environment where students feel supported.