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Visit from Dr Stephen Law from Oxford University

We were lucky enough to have Dr Stephen Law from Oxford University visit school to deliver an inspiring Philosophy talk on the mind-body problem in Philosophy, and whether the mind is a separate entity or if it is simply a physical brain function.

He specifically looked at the paper written by Thomas Nagel: 'What is it like to be a bat?'

Personally, my favourite section of the talk was when he looked at arguments made by Descartes to prove that the mind and body were separate and how to disprove them. He also gave a second talk on whether there could be good without god. He looked at moral relativism and nihilism and the arguments made against them.

Theodore, Year 12

The talk on moral relativism and his criticism of it really opened my eyes to my world views and helped overcome my previously held dogmatisms.  

Suleiman, Year 12 

The students found the talks very thought-provoking and engaging. They raised some excellent points and questions in relation to the material being discussed. We would love to invite Stephen back into school again. 

miss Wood, subject leader religious studies and philosophy