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Congratulations to Maya who is a National Kung Fu Traditional Forms Champion

Well done to Maya in Year 11 who recently won a Gold and Silver medal in the recent BCCMA* National Taolu Championships in Derby, making her a National Kung Fu Traditional Forms Champion.  

The word “Taolu" translates to “Forms" or “Patterns" in English, which are choreographed sequences of movements, which have been passed down from Master to student, ensuring the continued transmission of these ancient arts over hundreds of years. 

 Maya won a Gold Medal for her freehand form, “White Crane Flaps its Wings”, and a Silver Medal for her weapon form, “Dragonfly Dipping Sword”. 

When I found out, my immediate reaction was disbelief. It didn't sink in and felt like such a huge achievement that others would get (not me). I also felt a sense of confusion about what would come next in my journey having reached such a huge milestone. But mainly a huge wave of happiness and relief that all my years of work have amounted to a national title.   

Maya, year 111

*The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) is the Sport England recognised Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts, which include Kung Fu and Tai Chi. 

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