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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies course at TGS is designed to give students the chance to explore a diverse range of religious, ethical and philosophical perspectives in order to learn from and about religions of the world. They are encouraged to develop their debating and critical thinking skills through plenty of lively discussion on current issues.

Course content

Years 7-9

MYP Religious Studies explores a range of key concepts such as Change, Systems, and Time, space & place through an examination of....

  • The 6 main world religions
  • Signs and Symbols in the world around us
  • The moral limits of technology
  • Justice
  • An introduction to Philosophy

Years 10 & 11 (GCSE)

In Year 10 we are introducing the AQA short course GCSE which involves an exploration of many real world issues ..

  • The beliefs and philosophical ideas of Christianity and Islam
  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Peace and Conflict in the world around us

In Year 11 the current course offered is called ‘Philosophical Enquiry’ and incorporates a range of fascinating philosophical topics such as ‘ Freedom & moral responsibility’ , ‘Artificial Intelligence’ , ‘ Truth’, and ‘ The sociological roots of religion’.

Co-curricular opportunities

Students are able to attend a Philosophy Club run by the Sixth Form.

Older students are offered the chance to enter essay competitions and attend lectures run by eminent 21st Century Philosophers such as AC Grayling and Stephen Law.