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Year 9

I have not decided about what I would do in the future, but after spending almost 3 years here, I understand what I enjoy doing and I believe I probably would study engineering, but as of now, I’m uncertain which branch of engineering I will take further. 

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS? 

What I love most about TGS is how friendly the environment is. Everyone is kind. 

Which subject is your favourite, and why? 

All subjects have their merits, though for me I find History the most interesting. I particularly enjoy learning about the past, as it is something that had always fascinated me.  

What co-curricular clubs and activities do you enjoy, and why?  

During lunch times, I occasionally visit some clubs. One I enjoy is Ancient Greek Club as I am quite interested in Classics. 

What has been your favourite moment to date?  

I really enjoyed the last few weeks of Year 8, getting our end of year exams over with and relaxing, and going on school trips.