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Meet Our Community

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Year 11

I am passionate about STEM and I hope to have a career related to it after going to university. However, I am also interested in Law so hopefully I will be able to marry the two disciplines together in the future. Also, I really want to travel the world after leaving TGS and during my career, I would like to have the chance to immerse myself in other cultures and languages.

What co-curricular activities do you enjoy? 

I love music and take every opportunity to play the piano and cello whenever I can. I also enjoy playing netball and play with my club and TGS a couple times a week. In addition to music and sport, I take part in the TGS debating club which I find very interesting because I can listen to different perspectives on difficult topics, as well as sharing my own views on the subjects. 

What do you think makes TGS a special place? 

I believe there is a very strong sense of community amongst the TGS staff and students; everyone gets along, (even across year groups), which makes the school environment very warm and welcoming. I am also inspired by how passionate people are about the different activities on offer at TGS, from academics to co-curricular activities. 

What has been your favourite TGS moment to date? 

My favourite TGS moment was when I first joined the school during the last week of Year 8. It was summer, school was winding down and there were many fun activities that I could take part in. As well as this, everyone was so welcoming and approachable, making me immediately feel like part of the TGS community. 

What advice would you give a Year 7 student who is just starting at TGS? 

I think it is imperative that all new joiners throw themselves into different activities at TGS. There are so many opportunities on offer here and there is a chance that you might find a new hobby, as well as make new friends!