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Meet Our Community

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Mr Noel

Teacher of English and TOK Coordinator

The IB Diploma prepares students well for life after school. The fact is we only have a vague idea of what challenges the students of today will be facing in their future. This means the only sensible system of education is one which equips students to be reflective learners and to cultivate the skills and values which will make them dynamic and flexible in facing these issues. I think the IB does this through its broad academic curriculum and emphasis on a value-based education.

Why do you choose to teach in an IB school?  
I think Theory of Knowledge is such a valuable aspect of the IB Diploma Programme. The course is so broad-ranging that an average week of lessons can range from indigenous communities’ means of communication to tearing down contentious statues to evaluating performance art.  

Having taught English Literature, English Literature and Language and English B (English as a second language) I know this flexibility of content runs throughout all the courses in the IB. There are literally thousands of texts we can choose which gives us the ability to be really responsive to what students are interested in. 

What do you see as the main benefits of the IB Diploma?   
I genuinely believe the IB Diploma gives students a uniquely well-rounded educational experience at Key Stage 5. I think I was probably pigeonholed into not being a “science” student or being “bad” at languages which is so unhelpful. In such dynamic and interesting times it’s essential to have a reasonable grounding across a broad range of disciplines and the IB is fantastic for this. 

What do you think is special about TGS? 
It’s got to be the students. Having worked in a very diverse range of schools this is such a unique place for students who are amazingly ambitious and motivated to succeed. It keeps you on the top of your game! 

What is the most rewarding part of your role? 
Debating Club. Seeing students go from strength to strength in training sessions then go on to victory in competitions with other schools is outrageously rewarding. Everyone’s welcome!