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Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (HL and SL)

It is a good foundation for any route life may take you down.  Student Feedback  

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation is aimed at students with a wide variety of mathematical backgrounds. It allows students to develop a more sophisticated understanding of Mathematics and has a particular focus on its application to real life problems. A significant part of the course is concerned with statistical techniques to understand and interpret data.   

All of the Mathematics teachers at TGS have the experience and knowledge to support and encourage you to be successful in Applications and Interpretations.  

Course content

The SL course aims to develop an understanding of how mathematics is applied to describe the world and how technology can be used to explore mathematical models.   

Number and algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability, calculus.



Standard Level  

Higher Level 

Internal assessment  

Exploration (20%)  

Exploration (20%)  

External assessment  


Paper 1 Short response questions (Graphical Display Calculator required) (40%)  

Paper 2 Longer, multi-step questions (Graphical Display Calculator required) (40%)  

Paper 1: Non-calculator (30%) 

Paper 2: Graphical display calculator required (30%) 

Paper 3: Problem-solving (Graphical display calculator required) (20%) 


Running Primary Maths Challenge, UKMT Team Maths Challenge, Team Maths Day in the Netherlands, STEM projects.  

Further study

We first started teaching this course at Standard Level in September 2019, but students who have taken an application based route at Standard Level in the past have gone on to study a wide variety of subjects at university and find the mathematical techniques and logical reasoning they have learnt to be particularly useful, something that complements the requirements of many other Diploma subjects and university courses.  

In recent years, our students have gone on to study Geography, Law and Philosophy at Durham; Economics at Leeds and Nottingham; Law, Geography, History and PPE at Oxford;  Psychology, Languages, Theology, Classics and Music at Cambridge amongst many, many others  

At Higher Level, this course is ideal from students who want to study courses with applied Mathematics content, for example, Computer Science, Economics or Biological Sciences.  

For me, studying Applications and Interpretations has built courage and confidence toward mathematics. My newfound grasp of statistics is of almost everyday use - much of global news is manifested through statistical means, and the ability to understand these important issues to a further extent is one I value. Isabella