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An amazing library and an inspirational librarian

The Library offers students a window into other cultures - click here to read more

The Library offers students a window into other cultures, countries and worlds and a safe place from which to research and explore them. With books and reading for pleasure at its heart, students enjoy a well-stocked library with exciting books and a professional librarian whose role extends to the classroom to teach them to understand, value and evaluate what they read. 

A benefactor gift from TGS alumna Victoria Hislop, is the gift that keeps on giving.  This year the Library has been refurbished thanks to her gift and with Enrichment Fund savings.  Victoria has also committed to a generous budget for more reading books.  Originally for 3 years, the funds have stretched for nearer 5 years. We now need to find those willing to take on the baton of this important part of the library.

An open afternoon last November enabled parents and donors to visit and spend time in the library.  We thanked our donors and our student librarians, including Meredith who so dearly loved the library.

"I love the Library because it has a wide range of books in all genres, which means that there is something for everyone to read. It is also a great place to read and work because of the calm atmosphere. We also have a great librarian who is always willing to help recommend great books!"




Student Wellbeing is a key focus - click here to read more

All students benefit from a comprehensive programme of well-being support. Starting in Year 7, each year group benefits from one off-timetable HSEE (Health, Social & Emotional Education) day per year and regular sessions with their Learning Mentors. They learn about topics ranging from digital and emotional resilience to friendships and study skills.

Students are able to access the expertise of a qualified, on-site school nurse (funded by enrichment fundraising), allowing them to access medical, First Aid and wellbeing support on a daily basis in a dedicated Wellbeing Hub and Team. 

Our daughter asked for money for her birthday to give to the enrichment fund/well being hub. We truly appreciate everything you have done for our child.

- TGS Parent

Foreign Languages conversation practice

Read more about Foreign Languages conversation practice

Foreign Languages conversation practice gives confidence and improves language theory

Thanks to Enrichment School Fund and an award from Japan Foundation, students continue to benefit from over 1000 hours conversing in Spanish and French and Japanese with our ‘mother tongue’ language assistants, a skill that they can access throughout their lives. 

Student and Alumni feedback:

“Conversation practice has helped me to  formalise my speaking and writing style”. 

“After I left TGS I went on to study architecture at university and have spent many holidays exploring cultures and architectural styles across the world using the French and Spanish skills I gained at TGS. 


The School Minibus

Read more about the school minibus

The school minibus is out and about pretty much every day, driving students to and from sporting fixtures, CAS outreach and other offsite events and venues.  Enrichment fundraising enables us to run a minibus - one is enough although every so often we do have clashes.  We thank our WKSATA schools for allowing us to help out from time to time.


Sport for All  

Read more about sport and recreation at TGS

Sport at TGS goes from strength to strength. All students can access recreation and sport on the school site, either indoors in the Olympic size sports hall or outside on the all weather pitch, sprint track, cricket nets and grass training areas. There are lunchtime and after school clubs. The all-weather pitch, sprint track and cricket nets ensure all-year-round outdoor sport. 

Brought by Enrichment School Fund: All-weather pitch & its ongoing maintenance | Equipment including hockey sticks, tennis racquets, javelins and discuses. Affiliation to sporting bodies and competition entries | Hire of athletics track | Medals, cups. 

Brought by PTA: After school coaching in cricket, netball and hockey.



Read more about the Marvellous Meadows Project and STEM

Many students go on to specialise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Enrichment School Fund ensures that learning in STEM is well resourced. As well as scientific equipment, students benefit from special events such as Science Week and STEM clubs. 


Music and TGS Music Society

Music is celebrated in all its forms - click here to read more

Music at TGS aims to give our young musicians the best possible opportunities to explore and develop their lifelong passions for music in all its forms. Music successes are celebrated in the classroom and through a programme of extra-curricular clubs and performances. There is no charge for clubs; they are accessible to all students.  The School is incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported Music at TGS over the years, making this possible.

When you join TGS Music Society, you are supporting enrichment music and fundraising to restore and replace old and worn out practice pianos.  A sponsored student practicethon throughout June has brought us much closer to our target.

The opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Music are far-reaching. Students learn to play the drums in African Drumming workshops, take part in House music competitions, enjoy lunchtime and after school music groups, sing in the carol concert and record their compositions using state - of - the - art technology. 

Brought to you by Enrichment School Fund: African Drumming workshops | Piano tuning | Sheet music & programmes | Drama scripts | Props & Costumes | Dance Competitions. 

Exploring post school pathways

Read more about post school pathways

A programme of sessions in Years 7-9 support students during their early years at TGS. From Year 10 a partnership of experienced teaching staff, a professional and independent careers service, high profile industry speakers, a Careers Evening and interview practice helps to guide students to their post TGS destinations.

I learnt a great deal from every single person I spoke to both about the field I wish to go in to and also other opportunities that I had never thought of, but am now definitely considering. 

— Year 11 student talking about the Careers Evening 2023, where representatives from over 60 industries shared their experience with students. 

Brought by Enrichment School Fund: Independent professional careers support service 

Clubs and Societies; Debating; Speaker series

Read more about Clubs and Societies

Actively encouraged to put learning to the test, students enter competitions that see them pitting their wits against the best of other schools locally and nationally. Students compete in the UKMT Maths Challenge, Science Olympiads and Debating. From taking part in Arts competitions, or taking part in Dance competitions to belonging to a team sport, thanks to Enrichment School Fund there is something for everyone. 

Brought to you by Enrichment School Fund: Competition entry fees and Club materials 

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CAS Outreach

Read more about CAS 

All Sixth Form students are engaged in a diverse range of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) projects. They are designed to closely align with their interests and future career plans, enhancing their personal development and supporting their post school applications. CAS activities include leading Action! clubs for our students and working with adults with learning difficulties. Some Sixth Form students also work with local primary school students, coach a range of sport, organise donations to a local food bank and take part in charity runs. 

Brought by School Fund: Materials for Scott's Project, West Kent College Enrichment and Horizons Project | Sign language course, Horizons.