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English Language and Literature (SL)

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.  Rita Mae Brown  

Language plays a crucial role in how we communicate; it reflects human experience, and it allows us to shape the world. Although very similar to the pure Literature course in structure and assessment, it makes space for students to also learn about the complex and dynamic nature of Language and explore both its practical and aesthetic dimensions. Students learn to question the meaning of Language, appreciate its unbroken link with culture, and begin to see literary and non-literary texts as individual pieces of art that relate to culturally determined reading practices. The course retains a close analysis of major literary works but also engages with a range of texts in a variety of different media and forms, from different periods, styles and cultures. A challenging course, Language and Literature offers students who may not wish to focus purely on Literature, a flavour of other potential degree options such as Linguistics or Media Studies. It also shines a spotlight on the many 21st century career paths that have the appreciation and manipulation of Language at their heart.  

Course content

Literary Non-Literary  
Students are required to study 4 literary works.    Students spend an equivalent amount of class time on a wide variety of non-literary works. 


Internal assessment

Individual Oral Assessment  

Two texts (one literary, one non-literary) on one global issue  

Final examination

Paper 1: Unseen Literary Text  

Paper 2: Extended Comparative Essay