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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an opportunity for students to develop different skills, take on new physical challenges and give something back to the community while receiving a well-recognised qualification. Many top universities are now looking for much more than good grades and extra-curricular activities; they are interested in young people who can evidence a genuine and committed interest in their desired area of study. 

Participants achieve their Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections - Volunteering, Physical, Skills and an Expedition. Two of the activities are carried out for 3 months and one is carried out for 6 months while the expedition is over a weekend in the summer. The students also attend a training day in March and a practice expedition in May to allow them to develop and practice the necessary skills needed to complete the qualifying weekend. 

It is open to all students in year 10 and is a natural progression from the Year 9 Camp. It leads directly on to the volunteering that students will undertake in year 11 and provides an excellent platform for Community Action Service (CAS) which is carried out in the 6th form as part of the IB Course. 

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