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Chemistry (HL)

Chemistry is Life! Life is Chemistry! 

 Chemistry is a challenging subject which provides students with a link between the world around them and the more abstract world of Physics or the cellular world of Biology. It sets out to explain how things work on a molecular level which can help us in terms of understanding processes for industry and in the treatment of disease.

Course content

The course topics are very similar to GCSE and includes topics such as Acids, Bases and Electrolysis and will go into greater detail. Some of these topics will be explored quantitatively using Mathematics to help us solve problems.  

The topics studied are:  

  • Quantitative   
  • Atomic Structure  
  • Bonding  
  • Periodicity  
  • Energetics  
  • Kinetics  
  • Equilibrium  
  • Acids and Bases  
  • Oxidation and Reduction  
  • Organic  
  • Measurement and Analysis  
  • Biochemistry or Energy  



Higher Level  

Internal assessment  

Individual Investigation (20%)  

External assessment  

There are three papers: Multiple Choice, Longer answers and analysis and option (80%)  


Chemistry Olympiad, Science Club, Crest Award, Nuffield research placement.

Further study

We have a strong history of students going on to study Medicine, Chemistry and Biochemically related degrees. The destinations are varied but include Oxford and Cambridge and are heavily weighted in favour of Russell Group universities.  

 I chose Chemistry because I find it a really interesting and dynamic subject. Although it can be challenging academically, it is so rewarding to understand the concepts explored, and this can lead to thought-provoking discussions, which are applicable in a real world context. The material covered is so diverse that there is something for everyone, and you are given the chance to really understand why something happens the way it does. Don't let the difficulty of Chemistry daunt you - if you love the subject, then you should definitely take it. Molly