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A visit from Dr Michael Collins, Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary British History at UCL

We were pleased to welcome Dr Michael Collins to Tonbridge Grammar School for Windrush Day (Wednesday 22 June).

His research on Windrush and cricket shows how it is possible to combine the two passions such as sport and history in academic research. 

He delivered a lunchtime seminar to students from all year groups followed by a presentation to Year 9 in which he addressed students’ questions around diversity and inclusion in relation to the history of sport. During the sessions he contextualised the current circumstances around the Windrush generation and also gave practical advice to sixth formers about how to approach their coursework in History, emphasising the power of first-hand research that includes the voice of the individual who has lived through a complex time in our history. He also spoke to sixth form students about the virtues of studying the IB, particularly the skills acquired from ToK.

Students also learned about Windrush Day and the experience of the Windrush generation in online assemblies throughout the week. 

I found Dr Collins’ talk on the Windrush generation really interesting, both as a historian and a cricketer. Thank you for inviting me to be on the panel! 

Year 9 student    

It was incredibly interesting to listen to his talk about this extremely important issue, especially since I had previously not known about Windrush.  Dr Collins gave his talk in a very comprehensive and engaging way and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to talk to him. 

Year 9 student