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Emily wins Spanish writing competition

Congratulations to Emily (Year 11) who entered and won the narrative category of the ‘Concurso Apolo’ competition, the theme of which was space exploration.  

Emily explains “I decided to enter as a challenge to myself and in a way, in order to try and find out the limits of what I could do. Also, I am very passionate about Physics and Maths, so I loved the theme of the competition and when I saw the theme, I instantly had so many ideas, including the beginning of one that I had been working on in my Spanish lessons. 

My story is called "Teoría M" (M theory) and it is about a deaf boy who has been abandoned at every point before in his life. When he finds that aliens, who speak in a language similar to sign language, the government decide to take advantage of him in order to work out what they want. When it turns out that they want their own universe, the boy embarks on a mission to work out how to do this. I would categorise it as being sci-fi, however, there is certainly a larger focus on the science, such as nuclear fusion, M theory and the Big Bang. 

Upon winning, I think that I was more surprised than anything else, however for me it was more about the process of writing the story and at the end, I perhaps had slightly more confidence in myself than at the start”. 

Congratulations to Emily on her competition win.  What makes her achievement particularly impressive is that all the other entrants to the competition were native Spanish speakers. 

Mr Cejudo, Teacher of Spanish, Assistant Subject Leader MFL