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TGS Debating Team through to national final

Congratulations to the team who have earned their place in the National Final of the English Speaking Union’s Mace Debating Competition.

On Wednesday 23 February Elo, Anna and Holly, supported by Ellen (all Y11) and Isabel (Y12) proposed the motion “This House would nationalise the energy supply system”. Holly opened the debate arguing that energy was a fundamental human right and, as such, was the reserve of the government. Anna continued the team’s case with insightful economic analysis which touched on how governments could afford to buy fuel for the long term and weather market fluctuations; absorbing losses during price hikes and recouping them when costs dip. Elo’s “whip” (summary) speech deftly balanced the benefits of nationalisation over a windfall tax.

The second debate of the evening was on the motion “This House would abolish timed exams as a means of assessment in education”. Ellen and Isabel put probing questions to both teams.

At the end of both debates the judges reminded the four teams that only one would go through to the National Final. After 15 minutes of deliberation, it was decided that Tonbridge Grammar School were the winners. Not only had they won their debate, they were the best of the four teams on the night.

The judges commended the group’s research, delivery and teamwork.

The team will go on to the National Final of the tournament at the ESU headquarters in Mayfair, London in March.

The ESU Mace Debating Competition has provided an experience with equal excitement and challenge for my teammates and myself. I am of course very happy to get through to nationals and I am proud of all the improvements that we have made as a team. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this team, not only in this competition, but for ones in the future.


Our thanks to TGS staff for their commitment and enthusiasm which, coupled with support from School Fund, has made partaking in this competition possible.