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Year 12 have embarked on a wide range of CAS projects...

From running an ecology and conservation society to working in a local school, arranging clubs for younger students to collecting 1000kg of food for a local foodbank, enjoying weekly sporting opportunities to making 1000 origami cranes; Year 12 have devised broad ranging CAS programmes. 


Mrs Twinam, CAS Coordinator and Internationalism Coordinator, explains more: “At the start of Year 12 all of the students participate in a CAS workshop. This is an opportunity for me to explain the programme and how it involves each student within the school, local and international communities and should include a balance between the three categories – Creativity, Activity, Service. 

It also provides me with the opportunity to get to know everyone.  Once I know what each person enjoys I can tailor the programme to suit their individual needs and tie it in with their career aspirations.

For example, if we have an aspiring vet, I would link them with a wildlife rescue centre and would encourage those with an interest in education to help at a primary school.   

The students submit a CAS plan of their ideas and then get started on the programme itself. I help them along and guide them with new opportunities I think they may find interesting. The students tend only to need this support for a few weeks before they fly!” 

Projects this year include: 

  • Making 1000 origami cranes, a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times; then donating them to the Children's Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. 

  • Ecology and Conservation Awareness Society where the students discuss topics such as Eco Ableism and the Climate Movement. In recent weeks, the group has hosted an outside speaker from Friends of the Earth. 

  • Raising awareness of the need to support the work of a local food bank, leading to a whole school food bank collection where students collected in excess of 1000kg of non-perishable food items. 

  • Planning various hikes and walks in preparation for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition later this year. 

  • Sport Friday, an opportunity to engage with a huge list of sporting activities including the exclusive use of our Fitness Suite. There is a friendly football match planned between Year 13 and Year 12 in the coming weeks! 

  • Nexus: we have a new collaboration with the students at Nexus, a local special school for children and young people with profound, severe and complex needs, many of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum. Nexus students have been enjoying art therapy with our Year 12 students. We have planned Design and Technology and science-based enrichment later in the new year.  

  • Running various clubs for younger members through our Action! programme, such as Dungeons and Dragons (a strategic role-playing game).  Year 12 students are leading other clubs in school and the wider community including book clubs, basketball, art, football, Rubik’s Cube, French, gym, ballet, coding, karate, Brownies, STEM, netball, taekwondo and dance clubs.  

  • Working as a Peer Mentor within school.  

  • Running the Marvellous Meadows programme, that has involved all students in the design and creation of a wildlife haven in an area at the edge of the school site, behind the all-weather pitch. 

  • Volunteering for a wide range of charities, including working in shops and on other projects such as writing and delivering charity Christmas cards.  

CAS has been a great opportunity to expand on my interests and through that to help other people. It has allowed me to develop my skills and to have fun. 


CAS is an excellent opportunity to branch out into more than just academics. I have particularly enjoyed co- leading our student Model United Nations Society. 


CAS has helped me meet new people through volunteering.  


I have volunteered to support primary children through the Horizons Project, it has allowed me to share my skills. 


The students are brilliant – I often drop into their clubs and organisations and sit in total amazement watching how they communicate with others especially younger members of our school community! I have found the students to be even more resilient and focused on the wider community since COVID lockdowns. I think it has taught them to cherish the small things, to look outside of screens and social media (although an online life has been invaluable for staying in touch) and to embrace face to face contact. This has been evident in their approach to helping others. 

Mrs Twinam, CAS and Internationalism Coordinator