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Medsoc enjoy visit from a member of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Admissions Team

Medsoc members enjoyed a visit from Francesca, from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, who talked to them about getting into Medicine.

She began by overviewing some motivations and challenges of being a doctor.


  • It's a commitment to life long learning
  • Every day is unique
  • A team centred and sociable career (customer facing career)
  • Making a positive impact


  • Emotional and academic stress
  • Breaking bad news
  • Staff shortages
  • A "rationing of care" due to lack of staff and resources 
  • The risk that comes with making a mistake
  • 12 to 15 years until becoming a consultant 

We discussed the NHS values and how it is important it is to refer to them in your personal statement when discussing work experience and volunteering.

Francesca further explained the structure of the BSMS course. They teach an integrated degree which means the course includes 20% clinical exposure in the first two years, whilst other universities might just do lecture style work in the first two years. They offer the chance to do an intercalate degree in year three and offer many opportunities, such as assigning every medical student to a family with a newborn for patient exposure.

Piper and Annie (Y12 Medsoc Members)