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Tonbridge Grammar School debaters excel in regional competitions, securing places in second rounds

Tonbridge Grammar School's Debating Society continues to excel, with participants showcasing their exceptional skills in argumentation and public speaking in various prestigious events.

In the English Speaking Union's Mace Debating Competition, Tonbridge Grammar School's formidable team comprising Amelie, Tiana, Erin, Vaidehi and Oreva skilfully opposed the motion "This House would not treat esports/gaming like real sports" against Sevenoaks School. With Erin leading the charge, the team emerged victorious and has now advanced to the second round of the competition, setting the stage for more exciting debates ahead.

The Churchill Public Speaking Competition witnessed both Team A and Team B securing their places in the second round. Team A, consisting of Corinne (questioner), Lucille (chair), and Anoushka (speaker) showcased their articulate prowess on the motion "Public Transport should be free for everyone." Meanwhile, Team B, comprised of Maitreyi (chair), Neela (questioner), and Valdehi also delivered compelling speeches on the motion "The private lives of public figures should be open to public scrutiny", earning them a spot in the next stage of the competition.

Looking ahead, the second rounds of both the Mace Debating Competition and the Churchill Public Speaking Competition are scheduled for the spring, promising more opportunities for Tonbridge Grammar School to showcase their debating excellence.

Adding to their achievements, Tonbridge Grammar School participated in the South Hampstead High School Debating Competition, sending three dynamic teams: Zohha and Maddie, Srija and Tanuri, Hana and Hasini. Travelling from Tonbridge to South Hampstead, these teams engaged in thought-provoking debates on motions such as "This House believes that the west should covertly harm relations between India and China" and "This House regrets the glorification of authenticity in art.”

Tonbridge Grammar School is immensely proud of its debaters' accomplishments and looks forward to their continued success in upcoming competitions. The dedication and skill demonstrated by the Debating Society members reflect the school's commitment to fostering critical thinking and effective communication skills amongst its students.

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