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CAS Story: Organising a Charity Music Showcase

As part of her CAS programme, Sanuvi in Year 13 planned and organised a Charity Music Showcase.

She explains more:

At school we have a few school concerts each year to showcase the amazing musical talent and hard work within our school. However, the performances in these concerts are mainly performed by the school music groups meaning that smaller groups and soloists do not get many performance opportunities, so I decided to change this by organising a music showcase for these smaller groups and soloists to have a chance to shine.

This process involved finding people to help out with different aspects of the concert (such as backstage, auditioning, advertising and fundraising) as well as performing.  I worked with many different people, developing my own communication and collaborative skills in the process. Planning also involved deciding on a theme, appealing for a date and venue from the school and finding a responsible charity to donate any money we raise on the day.

Running the showcase required organising auditions, running rehearsals and introducing performances/making announcements during the actual show. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend others to take part in the future.