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Medsoc learn about Year 12 student's hospital work experience

Year 12 student Joshika undertook work experience in the Urology department at the Princess Royal University Hospital. 

She shared details of her experience and learnings with Medsoc members.

She had the opportunity to: 

  • Meet the Night Shift Manager and hear a rundown of the patients' conditions. 
  • Sit in on a 'handover' between the night shift staff and the daytime consultant.
  • Meet the consultant and the registrar. 

Her time at the hospital provided an insight into how studying medicine within a hospital environment looks and an understanding of the mental health support available for doctors and practitioners. 

The staff she met provided advice about personal statements and applications which she shared with the group and provided her with the opportunity to undertake a non-clinical placement at King's College.

This paved the way for a discussion about interviews and deciding which universities to apply for. 

By Annie and Piper, Year 12