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Year 9 students take part in STEM Design Challenge

As part of this year’s Foundation Day activities, three groups of Year 9 students took part in a Design Challenge to design, make – and race – a wind powered car.

Helped and advised by (and competed against!) our Year 12 IB Design Technology students, students worked in teams of three or four to design and make their vehicle. Students were given limited materials, paper straws, dowel, 1 A4 sheet of paper and up to 4 wheels. We set up a fan and a race track and the teams competed to see which vehicle could travel the furthest using only wind power. In one of the groups two vehicles reached the end of track so the winner was declared by the fastest time!

Students were awarded ‘limited edition’ medals engraved on our laser cutter,

A fitting finale to three years of MYP design challenges for our talented and enthusiastic Year 9 students,

Mr Seedhouse, Mrs Ryde and Mr Phillpott, Design Technology Department.


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